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    I would like to create a website but because I am cheap i don't want to have to pay.
    Does anyone know of a free hosting site with software?

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    How are you getting your internet, Nev? You may have some space available to you through your ISP. Try checking your ISP's website, and if that's a no-go...then try googling "free web hosting"...but be prepared to have some serious ads on your page.

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    If you want a site that allows for discussion and a platform to share things you're interested in with like-minded people, I would recommend a blog.

    Blogger and Wordpress are both free blogger platforms and both are very easy to use & setup, though I would say that blogger is the easiest. If you're new to blogging, this is the way to go since its so straightforward to set up and start posting.

    If you want an example of the type of site you can set up, click the link in my signature, which goes to my blog. Mine is a blogger platform, but I blog at both mine and another hosted by a friend who uses Wordpress. The link is in the sidebar of my blog -click on (or enter in your browser.

    If you have any specific questions about blogs, I'm happy to answer here. But Mac is right about your ISP. Most will have options to host a small webpage for free.

    What type of site were you wanting to setup? What sort of content were you planning on?
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