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    Hi im doing my leaving in a few days (fun ) anyway im still not 100% on what i want to do next year, i have always had an interest in computers and computer science seemed like the logical choice for me but everyone that I have talked to about it had something negative to say. So im trying to see what the general feeling towards it is, so to anyone doing or has done comp sci my questions are:
    is it a dificult degree? - id like to do something that is challenging and I havent heard great things (ie that cs is an easy degree etc)
    is it a rewarding degree ? - do you enjoy it ?
    are the jobs out there for cs grads as bad as everyone tells me, or as good as the uni's make out, or are they somewhere in between ?

    ps thatks in advance

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    I'm doing a CSC degree at the minute, to be honest my first year has been very easy, as I've studied Computer Science at A-Level and always had an interest. However at my uni (Lancaster) they do push you very hard if your finding the work easy, and you always have the option to try out your own projects.

    When you do CSC at uni, they tend to formalize everything, you learn how to prove an algorithm will actuall do what it says rather than guess or rely on it. You make sure your code won't fail. Or as little as possible. Improve your skills/learn new stuff..

    I dont know about jobs after it as im looking to stay on and research but it's a market that is that saturated anymore. Everyone has an IT or Business degree. CSC is hard and getting a degree in it isnt easy!


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