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Thread: 0_1: binary code: could we also be similarly programmed

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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    Could it be possible that our perception is actually similarly wired, well, operates by a 0_1 code as our very creations of information and intelligence are?

    After many years of studying Medicine, well, it seemed like an eternity, I think i have cracked a code of perception, of human perception, that suggests, and only "suggests", that we also operate by a 0_1 mathematical algorithm of perception.

    I am wondering now, obviously after knowing what i am talking about, wondering about the potential for "ghosts in the machine".

    Would it be implausible basically as a computer community, would it be implausible to be convinced that if a theory states we are 0_1 operational as humans, that technically ghosts can exist "in our 0_1 machines"?

    Well, of course we have to prove the existence of the after-life..............

    Does a theory of everything therefore need to be purely theoretical and only account for the known laws and forces in handling the improbability of fortune telling?

    the www feature below can explain it better.
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