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Thread: Running multiple sound amplifiers off one sound card output?

  1. #1 Running multiple sound amplifiers off one sound card output? 
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    I'm among the growing community that uses their home computer as their home stereo system. I'm also a bit of an audiophile, and have several (3) amplifiers that I would like to run with my computer.

    The problem is, like most sound cards, my SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card only has one stereo mini-jack sound output. What I really want is this:

    A small external USB device, that has a single stereo mini-jack plug for it's input, that would connect to the output of your sound card, and a USB cable, to give it power and computer control.
    On the box, you would have 4 separate stereo pre-amp output channels, each with it's own mini-jack socket and left and right RCA sockets. Each channel would have it's own small amp circuit, so you could adjust the output level of each +/- 15db's.

    I did a google search, trying to find something similar, or pretty much, any device that would do the job....but was unsuccessful. I'm sure I'm not the only fool who wants to ruin their hearing by hooking up multiple amps to a single source....there's got to be something out there.

    If you know of some device, or want to suggest some different search terms...please feel free.


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