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Thread: Testing many ide drives at once?

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    I have a pile of about 30-40 ide drives at work that may, or may not be good. I need to find a way to quickly test these drives so I can use them for parts. The current software I am using only tests one drive at a time, and takes many many hours to complete the test. At this rate it would take months to complete. I need a better way.

    I've set up a test bed computer consisting of a stripped case, large power supply, a cd-rom drive, a motherboard that supports 4 ide drives and 2 sata. I've also installed a pci ide card that supports additional ide drives.

    What I need is some software that will let me test many drives at once. Something quick and dirty...just to tell me if the drive has bad sectors or not.

    If anyone knows of such software...or if you have any suggestions please let me know.


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    Can be done but it ain't easy. you need to be able to write to all drives simultaneously but be able to read from them one at a time, I built an 8 drive test rig for IBM many years ago, which wrote the commands then polled the INTRQ line of each drive, then as each drive 'finished' it was serviced. Probably not economical for less than say 500 drives (as you need to write some low level stuff to all these different sized drives in.

    When you 'format a drive' in reality all you are doing is sending a command for the drive to read and verify the data with ecc checks it does this in great chunks with no actual data being written (cancel a format before it finishes and it will not have destroyed any data).

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