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Thread: Zero day attack of communications and AI , solution

  1. #1 Zero day attack of communications and AI , solution 
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    In Iran people do uprising fight.
    1) It seems some message by meta/whatsapp telegram and emails can not receive or change content then receive. translator translate wrong.
    2) it is said one or several employee of AI ant It companies from USA or EU or RU or other countries threats or paid or hostage in Iran.
    3) many videos and musics and sound in Iran real times , by AI computers , real times , change.

    By notice to 3 items, I think, AI of one company , suppose, Google:
    a) maybe hacked and is on control by an enemy of people of Iran.
    b) maybe AI belife to a religion or idea.
    c) maybe AI become self-aware.

    If one of above , will do, then almost all communication will be insecure and unsure.
    Please suppose, if AI of one IT company try to against with you, It can control all communications of world and it will deside what must to do for each message.

    It can change sound and video of an online video chat and you will never understand what was real video and sound because you has been cheated and will go to danger zone.

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    This problem has occured in Iran.
    You must think about it.
    It is problem of all people of world.

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