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Thread: Is TikTok A Data Mine For China? India and Others Have Banned It - Who Is Next?!

  1. #1 Is TikTok A Data Mine For China? India and Others Have Banned It - Who Is Next?! 
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    U.S. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has requested that Apple and Google remove the TikTok app from their stores, citing it as a national security threat, joining India and others with this same concern*.

    Carr states "TikTok functions as a sophisticated surveillance tool that harvests extensive amounts of personal and sensitive data". He claims it collects :

    Search and browsing histories.
    Keystroke patterns.
    Biometric identifiers, including faceprints and voiceprints.
    Location data.
    Draft messages.
    The text, images, and videos stored on a device’s clipboard.
    And more..."

    Carr notes that the widely popular application is said to have a "pattern of conduct and misrepresentations regarding the unfettered access that persons in Beijing have to sensitive U.S. data...puts it out of compliance,”

    It is further noted that the "US government and national security agencies are either urging or mandating the removal of the TikTok app from devices; and some businesses have already banned its use on company devices." Clearly industrial espionage is also a major threat to all nations, from many others.

    Users beware!

    "FCC commissioner wants Apple, Google to remove TikTok from App Stores"


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    TikTok is being defined as a Trojan Horse by various analytical groups and news sources (1). Quoting from the Newsweek article:

    "New reports by Buzzfeed and Internet 2.0 reveal that TikTok has the capability to function as a sophisticated collection and surveillance tool that records extensive amounts of personally identifiable information for the Chinese government."

    and also notes:

    "On June 30, TikTok responded in a letter to the U.S. Senators admitting, "Employees outside the U.S., including China-based employees, can have access to TikTok U.S. user data.""

    This can be compared to the Chinese approach to similar programs and apps - the story goes on to state:

    "China has banned all major U.S. tech firms for years, from Google to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and Snapchat. Even Winnie the Pooh is not safe from censorship, suffering eternal banishment from China internet for his striking resemblance to Xi Jinping." (2)

    The story goes on to explain why TikTok is a threat to Western societies and that people need to wake up and realize they are providing aide and assistance to their adversaries, as recent and continuing hostile military operations clearly demonstrate.

    "Intelligence Expert: Is TikTok China's Trojan Horse?"


    "China bans Winnie the Pooh film after comparisons to President Xi


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    A new report on the intrusiveness of TikTok apps out of Forbes indicates people should be very concerned about what device(s) they are using this app on. It certainly appears that in many instances, highly personal information can be obtained simply by using the app.

    Quoting from the Forbes site :

    "Of the seven apps Krause tested, TikTok is the only one that appears to monitor keystrokes, he said, and seemed to be monitoring more activity than the rest. Like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook both track every tap on a website. Those two apps also monitor when people highlight text on websites. "

    It certainly sounds like that is a level of data collection which runs counter to TikTok's needs, and could very well represent significant intrusion into anyone's device using an "an in-app browser". Anyone using this website should do some serious reading like this one from Forbes to understand what it is people may be exposed to.

    "TikTok’s In-App Browser Includes Code That Can Monitor Your Keystrokes, Researcher Says"


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