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Thread: UN Report : North Korea Steals Millions in Cryptocurrencies!

  1. #1 UN Report : North Korea Steals Millions in Cryptocurrencies! 
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    A new UN report indicates that North Korea (NK) has been acting very badly in the cryptocurrency biz, and apparently has stolen many millions in order to fund their missile program, as reported by BBC News (1). Amounts of up to $400 million have been reportedly stolen.

    One can only wonder who is losing all this cash and it having little impact on the crypto market, which is estimated to have a global value of ca. 3 trillion, and that was a few months ago (2) .

    At any rate, everybody should think twice about using this form of currency. One can never be sure if can be intercepted while doing business, and also be concerned about where that pilfered cash is going, and what it is doing.

    The story is even more worrisome, suggesting that NK has amassed "$2 billion" "using sophisticated cyber-attacks"., helping to fund their WMD programs . Somebody needs to put the kibosh on this whole operation.

    "North Korea: Missile programme funded through stolen crypto, UN report says"


    "The World’s Cryptocurrency Is Now Worth More Than $3 Trillion"


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