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Thread: Computer Wars : Intel hacking, ransomware, malicious interferences +, all in global cyberspace. What to do, what to do ?!

  1. #1 Computer Wars : Intel hacking, ransomware, malicious interferences +, all in global cyberspace. What to do, what to do ?! 
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    There have been a number of successful major attacks on computer systems in the U.S. within the last few years, some big ones very recently on petrol, transportation and food industries - all the critical aspects of modern civilizations.

    The "pirates" appear to operate from Russia and China, and money is only one objective. Major intel both of military and industrial aspects are being targeted, as are basic systems like food production and transport. All of these critical systems are at risk to Western countries, and so is their security.

    Don't know a lot about this stuff. Are these successful attacks due to a lack of attention on computer security, or do the hackers have inside info? Or is it simply superior hacking skills, or even AI apps which allow for hacking like never before? Surely these attacks can be stopped with enough effort?!

    If they continue, and there will be retaliation from the U.S., it could lead to a war in cyberspace. But that might already be happening. Let's hope it doesn't evolve from cyberattacks to physical warfare. Nothing can be ruled out as to this future condition since we have never seen such a form of hostile activity, and with the ultimate in plausible deniability. Pretty chilling for sure!

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