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Thread: Will AGI take jobs or will it evolve jobs and create new industries?

  1. #1 Will AGI take jobs or will it evolve jobs and create new industries? 
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    Hi Guys,

    Will AGI take all jobs that are currently done by humans? Maybe it will eliminate most jobs that don't have a technical background or most low-medium skilled jobs?

    I am not talking about A.I as it is today or ASI but in the future lets say 2060

    Or humans will be able to adapt to AGI and find new sorts of work in an emerging industry or re-skill and change their nature of their work or AGI may even complement humans but not replace them

    Or AGI is over-hyped and it will only ever slightly increase unemployment rate from the current percentage now to 20%-40% worldwide

    Or there will be a utopia in 2060 where people get a universal basic income and where people do whatever they want such as travel, gaming etc and let AGI take all the jobs and everyday will be like a weekend/public holiday.

    Many Thanks

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    It would help if you could define AGI or ASI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathman View Post
    It would help if you could define AGI or ASI.
    Found this
    "In contrast, artificial general intelligence (AGI) is a theoretical AI that can accomplish every task that a human can do just as well as a human. This is the kind of AI typically seen in sci-fi films. If humanity does discover AGI, then most jobs could, by definition of AGI, be replaced by computers"
    "However, whether or not researchers discover how to build AGI matters not, I would argue, as jobs could become replaced nevertheless. You don’t need AGI to replace even highly skilled positions. In time, modular AI applications could replace job after job.
    There are plenty of obstacles to overcome, however. Besides technical challenges, there are ethical dilemmas such as overreliance in machines and algorithmic discrimination, judicial and legal difficulties, the need for human connections, and more. Mass automation of jobs will take a very long time. But I do believe it to be inevitable."

    from here:

    If that is any help

    Assume that the "S" in ASI might stand for "specialized"?

    For some reason that link found is not clickable,but in any case it was just to give a context where I found that AGI was being used as I term (I have not even read the article myself)
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    Quote Originally Posted by AkitaDoge View Post
    Will AGI take all jobs that are currently done by humans?

    You might get some notions reading Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut.

    And here is a link from a year ago regarding jobs lost to robots:
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