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Thread: Is "Artificial Intelligence" properly defined? Or is it just a lot of programming with tons of data to solve specific problems?

  1. #1 Is "Artificial Intelligence" properly defined? Or is it just a lot of programming with tons of data to solve specific problems? 
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    After a brief review of AI basics, it appears to have some major limitations. As currently defined, AI is computer programming for problem solving, with lots of data and lots of computing capabilities.

    But AI lacks initiative. Without it, the computer(s) simply sit there, not doing much of anything. AI also lacks creativity. Combined with initiative, they are two of the most fundamental aspects of human consciousness, and provide the foundation on what many consider true intelligence.

    Can such limitations of AI be overcome simply with more programming? Or are there "structural" aspects that could provide such a leap, such as neural nets? In the end, it all seems like more programming, however it is sliced.

    If you could overcome these problems and have AI equivalent to that of human thought processes, should such machines gain civil rights, and privileges? They might even demand them at some point! We might not want to go too far with this type of activity without careful consideration of the potential risks.

    Let's not forget the HAL 9000 computer in 2001:A Space Odyssey : "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that". Say what?!

    And of course there is the worst-case scenario of Skynet in The Terminator series. "Pulling the plug" may not provide a workable solution in some situations.

    Given the abstract aspects of human thought, what is to prevent highly advanced AI from becoming detrimental to human progress, or even its survival?

    If human hackers can cause so much grief, what could AI do, given initiative and creativity? It seems possible that AI, as it advances in capability, could present a serious threat to the future of humanity.

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