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Thread: Security and privacy, the VPN and Tor, at home on the shared Wi-Fi?

  1. #1 Security and privacy, the VPN and Tor, at home on the shared Wi-Fi? 
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    Hi, I am interested in security and privacy online. Aiming to be free from hackers, key logging, spyware, and to build a private website... but at home, even if I use a security enhanced Linux option, with firewall and apparmor, and use Tor and a VPN, my ISP and data can be attacked through other users of the same Wi-Fi, true?

    Do I need my own solo Wi-Fi or a cable connection, or both?

    I am in Australia, critics can be vexatious and make life hard. How can I move on the net fully privately, ISP, IP address..? How does spying on me work? My URL, MAC Address...?

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