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Thread: Having trouble with Hulu

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    I can use Hulu fine, through my PC, but when I turn on my TV that I have connected to my PC via hdmi cable. the video lags & the audio is garbled. I tried a new hdmi cable, but that didn't work. My TV isn't listed as a Hulu supported device, but could that really be the problem? I don't want to buy a new TV and still have the problem

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    I have trouble with Hulu on consoles all the time. Like with my PS3 it won't have audio for some shows. On the PS4 and Xbox One it sometime has video and audio issues. So the video will lag. Meanwhile it seems to work just fine on my phone. I've just figured it was a Hulu issue, or an issue with my consoles. Although my consoles have no issues with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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