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    20 years ago, sydney australia had a theme park exlusive to virtual reality. playing the games there were quite mind bending for the time. they closed down and i havnt seen VR since.
    over the xmas hols i had the oportunity to play VR games while in seoul. i assumed that since 20 years had passed that the games now would be heaps better than the place in sydney. i was dissapointed.
    the VR games i played were about on par with the ones in sydney from 20 years ago.
    question is, how could this be? why didnt they get better?

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    VR gaming only really started getting momentum again in the last couple years with things like the HTC Vive, Playstation VR, and the Oculus Rift. For the last twenty years it mostly sat off in the fringe edge of gaming not getting any attention. I think the reason is that in the 90s Nintendo and others pushed for VR and the tech wasn't really there, so it failed spectacularly. This then left the major gaming companies wary of VR. I mean the Nintendo Virtual Boy VR console was released in 1995 and then ceased production in 1996 due to poor sales and reception. This glorious failure scared Nintendo away from VR and made other companies not see it as a viable route.

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