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    Hi, my name is Kyle Andrews. I'm representing a Comp. Sci. programming class. We have all been discussing how to take something such as a java project or C project and making it into some kind of executable file. A file which you could click that would execute the command prompt and the java or C program. Were more interested in Java right now as we are studying java. Can anyone explain the process of making a program to where it will execute from the opening of a single file? Something to where you dont have to compile in cmd or Jcreator?

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    Compilers should create executable code, certainly for C C++ pascal etc as to Java It came out after I retired. I believe there lots of free 'c' compilers on the net, I guess for Java you'd have to google 'how to make java executables' or similar.

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    I Would try learning C#
    As for C++ The GNU C Compiler is a nice freely downloadable programme.

    As for Java, you can download the SDK from sun microsystems.
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    C programs compile to an executable straight off. You should be able to find a 'myProgram.exe' in the build directory of your compiler which you can just double click. However if it is a console application (no GUI) then often it will flash quickly on the screen and disappear. You have two options here
    1) Open a command prompt, change to the directory and type myProgram
    2) Create a batch file to run your program (google "batch file")

    Java is a little different. Java is compiled to bytecode which is platform independent and has to be run in a java virtual machine. So if you compile you'll get MyProject.class which (so long as it has a main() method) can be run by typing "java MyProject" at a command prompt. Unfortunately it is not always this easy, the java program (the virtual machine) needs to be in your PATH (environment variable) so that your OS can find it and MyProject.class must be either in the current directory or in your CLASSPATH. You could use a batch file here too. Also look into JAR files if you have multiple .class files.

    Much more detailed and easy to follow instructions can be found at

    Java was my first programming language, I learned it in my spare time while at highschool and it was great 'cos it was free and the documentation is excellent.
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