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    I have a great difficulty in remembering what I read from CS textbooks on Computer Networks, Architecture, Real Time systems, Operating Systems and so on. I find there are too many details to go through, and I find that I really have to go very slowly at least 20 minutes per page in order just to follow the ideas. Would you please kindly recommend what I can do to resolve this issue. Do I need to increase my knowledge of CS terms.

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    It's called practice and learning, some are slower than others, when reading technical journals it is sometimes neccessary to re-read several times before it all sinks in. Don't try to hard! Another good, nay very good tip is to read late at night, for some strange reason the brain tends to remember more as the day goes on.

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    This goes away when you'll have figured how programming, compiling or interpreting does work.

    I think it's even better to learn being on the computer instead of reading books. You can test
    and make sure you got what you read about. I imagine with computers was the same when folks
    first were not used to radios or tv sets.

    It might be hard to concentrate on a show actually if you're still worry about the way the program
    was brought to you.
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