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Thread: Is any memory reserved to store objects of a class that contains 0 data members?

  1. #1 Is any memory reserved to store objects of a class that contains 0 data members? 
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    Does the compiler allocate memory to store objects of a class that contains 0 data members, like CfileLoader, CmyMathFuncs, etc...?

    And how about memory usage when the functions in those classes are static, vs non-static? are there any difference, since there are 0 data members in each of them?

    Should i bother making those classes a singleton, since they already have 0 data members, and (why) should i bother if someone initializes multiple instances?

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    I wouldn't bother making a singleton unless you specifically need a singleton.

    If there are no non-static data members, then there's no point in making non-static member functions and you should probably just make the whole class static which would avoid the question of making a singleton class.

    Memory usage in all of this is a micro-optimization and probably not worth worrying about. That said, as far as I know, C++ will still allocate at least a pointer for the object since you should still be able to make two of them and compare their pointers to show they're different. For a singleton class, you'll still get a pointer every time you make a new instance, but it'll be the same pointer every time. For a static class, you can't make an instance, so you won't have any pointers.

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