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Thread: can you give a simple definition and introduction of cloud computing

  1. #1 can you give a simple definition and introduction of cloud computing 
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    many people heard the words "cloud computing", but do not know what is it.

    is it an old thing with a new name?

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    While it's somewhat similar to the old idea of a mainframe with separate terminals, it's not quite the same. Cloud computing is where you put a service (a file system, for example) somewhere on the internet so you can access it from anywhere.

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    Around 27 years ago I started worked in a Telecommunications Design Office developing project management/development forecasting software. The office had one of the first PC based local area networks in the region that was connected to a national wide area network.

    To get around having to show all of the telecommunications equipment in the Packet Switched Network, one of the conventions used to simplify technical diagrams was to show a PC/Client connected to a 'cloud' with the Server also being connected to the same 'cloud'.
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