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Thread: How do i get a quick RNG that gives different results every (at least) 1/60secponds?

  1. #1 How do i get a quick RNG that gives different results every (at least) 1/60secponds? 
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    should i use srand() with a different seed other than time(NULL)?

    or is there a method?

    i tried Scipio's method from
    Urgent: Generating random numbers WITHOU - C++ Forum

    and i got the same results.

    anyway, im making an object vibrate in opengl for that matter.
    the rand() im using in domainloop gives a random change in number every ~1second.

    i need one that refreshes faster. help is appreciated!

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    Don't reseed. You just seed the generator once at the beginning of your program. time(NULL) gives an answer in seconds, and if you reseed with the same seed, you get the same results in the following calls to rand() (which is the entire point of a seed).

    BTW, Scipio's code is a way of getting a random permutation of a set of numbers, and depending on how many of those numbers you need, there are faster ways. But that's not the same thing as getting a string of random numbers. (You'll almost never get a pair which you should if it were actually random.)

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