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    Reading about Hofstadter's divergent view of AI
    wherein, it seems that he considers that AI is misnamed, as it has nothing to do with human intelligence

    Is it reasonable to assume that creating thinking machines which would operate on the same intellectual processes which we use would be the best use of the machine?

    This reminds me of behaviorist vs Freudiansdians debate wherein the behaviorist assumed that correcting the behaviorv was quite enough of a cure without understanding supposed deeper causal factors.

    Is searching to understand how our intelligence works by building a "thinking" machine even a practical investment of time? Can such a thing actually be done?

    Any thoughts on Hofstadter will be appreciated.

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    I've read a few of Douglas's books and he seems to be quite informed about the future of AI. He even uses many ways to show how the AI can work, to a degree. I just don't think humans are there yet to develop a complete AI but I wouldn't be surprised in n10 years or so that a true AI will be made perhaps with his help.

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