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Thread: Windows Live Movie Maker - Can i get rid of the blurriness?

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    Whilst filming, the camera kept refocusing thus causing a burry effect. I hoped i could get rid of it on Movie Maker however i'm not sure how. Is there any way to do this? Or will the final product not be effected? Thanks all help appreciated as this is important for my Sixth Form A-Level work.

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    No software can remove blurriness, at least not perfectly. You can look for a sharpness filter, but it's probably not going to look very good and you'd have to tweak it for each frame if the blurriness keeps changing.

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    Turn off the auto focus feature on the camera and manually focus It yourself. Take the camera to a camera repair shop or send it to one that is online.
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    I use After Effects on a regular basis and, while there are effects which can reduce blur, nothing can fix that kind of issue in the raw data.
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