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Thread: What is the opposite of ' Virgin Mind ' ?

  1. #1 What is the opposite of ' Virgin Mind ' ? 
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    If artificial intelligence is created , no matter how much independent is thought to be brought into it , that task always looks difficult in achieving.
    For eg.,
    expecting line to be drawn , it takes the help of definition of line and formula for point (?) stored in memory .
    After this, formula for line gets created and memory gets updated.

    expecting square to be drawn , it takes the help of definition of square and formula of line stored in memory.
    After job is done the memory gets updated with the formula for square.

    Can there be algorithm for AI , which can be made more intelligently independent than the typical algorithm above .

    Definition of opposite words is fed , and word is given.....
    Help of whole dictionary is provided .

    So, What is the opposite word of ' VIRGIN MIND '
    tucked - up mind ?

    That's what according to dictionary happens.
    If virgin mind means innocence , whats the opposite of innocence ?
    Immaturity OR Maturity ?
    Is it really necessary that you let your mind go through the process of virgin mind -> tucked-up mind -> to attain maturity !!! lol.

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    Opposite of innocence? The word 'corrupt' comes to mind...I don't think the opposite of innocence is ''maturity'', because I know quite a few ''innocent'' people who are rather intellectually mature. [Since you posted this in the computer science section, not sure if I'm answering your question, really.]

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