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Thread: Defining Recursive formulas in R

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    Hello there, I'm very new to programming and as such have been facing quite a bit of difficulty with a current assignment. My goal is to define a recursive formula where x(i+1) is based on x(i) and u(i) where where u is a Gaussian (normal) variable. Because this is my first time doing this, however, I've decided to start simple and just try to construct a recursive formula based on x(i). Here's what I've got:

    y <- function(y) {
    + if(y==1)
    + return(1.5)
    + else
    + return(1.022*function(y-1))

    At which point I receive:
    Error: unexpected '-' in:

    I've played around with the syntax so much and still I haven't been able to make it work. Any advice?

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    I am not really familiar with R but you appear to have named both the function and its parameter 'y'.

    Maybe you need:
    f <- function(y) { # function named f, withparameter y
    return(1.022*f(y-1) # call f with argument y-1

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