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    I am a student jst entered in FYBSC computer science.. i wanted to know that we write the codes in English in "C" language.. then whats the difference in english and C language..? I will be thankful for the answer.

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    Code isn't written in English in C, it's just written in C. English speakers very often use English words to name their variables and functions, but those names aren't exactly a part of the C language and the compiler doesn't care what names you use as long as you're consistent. (This is a little like how proper nouns in English aren't often English words themselves.)

    The biggest difference between programming languages and natural languages, in general, is ambiguity. A computer can't handle much in the way of ambiguity and in the end it always needs to be able to deduce a unique meaning for each statement from a relatively small amount of context. Natural languages are full of ambiguity but humans are built to process that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack john View Post
    And C is a language that is used for communicating a machine and a english speaking person, that is why it has both the elements for english speaking men and logic speaking computer.
    But C is used by many non-English speaking people. I have seen many computer programs that would be impossible for an English speaker to understand because all the comments and variable names are in Japanese.

    It is really just a historical accident that the few keywords are English. You could write a preprocessor to change them to another language if you want.
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