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    I don't currently have the means to buy Photoshop & Dreamweaver. Please can anyone suggest an inexpensive/freeware web editor program for PC. Also a an inexpensive/freeware photo-editor for PC, to scale & crop images.


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    I guess it depends on how seriously you want to take web design.
    As someone that creates websites for a living, I find that all I really need is a decent text editor.
    None of the 'drag and drop' type designers give me the flexibility I need, which means I end up having to use a separate text editor aswell.

    But, using a text editor means you get to understand html better - which will make you better at making web-pages.

    Currently I use Visual Studio for Web (which has a free 'Express' version), but an editor like Notepad++ is just as good for smaller projects.

    As to a free photo editor, I rarely need anything more advanced than
    Paint.NET - Download
    If I do need anything more advanced then I normally hand it over to the graphic designers.

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    I use this myself and it is fine for a freebee.... Picasa | DownloadInfo - We Review Software!
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