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    It's expected that the world's supercomputers will be capable of breaking the exascale barrier, or one quintillion calculations per second within 10 to 20 years.

    How do they do it? I wonder what the new designs will be like.

    The potential speed-up of an algorithm on a parallel computing platform is given by Amdahl's law, originally formulated by Gene Amdahl in the 1960s.[11] It states that a small portion of the program which cannot be parallelized will limit the overall speed-up available from parallelization. A program solving a large mathematical or engineering problem will typically consist of several parallelizable parts and several non-parallelizable (sequential) parts. If is the fraction of running time a program spends on non-parallelizable parts, then
    is the maximum speed-up with parallelization of the program. If the sequential portion of a program accounts for 10% of the runtime, we can get no more than a 10 speed-up, regardless of how many processors are added. This puts an upper limit on the usefulness of adding more parallel execution units. "When a task cannot be partitioned because of sequential constraints, the application of more effort has no effect on the schedule. The bearing of a child takes nine months, no matter how many women are assigned

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