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    My program is supposed to calculate the squares of the numbers from 1 to twelve, then display them in a chart for showing the number and their square. I am supposed to use two methods but i'm having trouble how. Please help and tell me what is wrong


    public class findingSquares
    public static void main (String [] args) throws IOException

    System.out.println("Number " + "Square");

    findSquare root = new findSquare();

    int numSquare = root.square();

    int num = 0;

    while (num >= 0 && num <= 11)
    System.out.println(num + "\t" + numSquare);

    public static int findSquare (String square)
    int num = 1;
    int numSquare = num * num;

    return numSquare;

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    First of all format your code properly. Use idents and coding style.

    Second, get a normal IDE. IntelliJ IDEA CE, Eclipse or NetBeans etc. will be fine. This will solve half of your problems.

    For some strange reason you are instatinating findingSquares, which is typed as "findingSquare" and calling a method square() which is not defined.

    The last thing, learn about variable visibility area.

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    I agree with BlasW. Java, like any other language is very particular about spelling and syntax. You may find it easier to post code in proper format if you use the code tags available.use this [code]put your code in here[/code] to get this :
    put your code in here
    If this is for coursework and your instructor doesn't allow you to use an ide (i had one that insisted we use nothing but notepad and the latest jdk and jre) you can use notepad++ and it will color code some elements of your code. just set the language to java. This will help some. using an ide creates files that are not necessary if you are simply going to run the program from cmd prompt.

    This is what notepad++ looks like:
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