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Thread: Explicit vs Implicit Sequences

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    Hey Guys,

    Erm can anyone here give a good explanations regarding explicit and implicit sequences?

    For example:

    1,1,3,3,5,5,7,7,9,9. I don't know how to derive an implicit formula for the sequence. The answer given by my teacher is a(n)=n ; for n is odd
    a(n)=n-1 ;for n is even

    p/s:I've googled for almost an hour but the outcome is negative..Hope you guys can help me...Thanks

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    explicit sequences computers - Google Search

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    The words “explicit” and “implicit” do not refer to sequences but to their definition. An explicit definition of a sequence is one which defines its terms in a closed formula while an implicit definition defines it recursively. Whether you define it explicitly or implicitly, it’s the same sequence.

    Example, the triangular numbers . An implicit definition is ; the explicit definition is .

    Your teacher has given you an implicit definition of your sequence . An explicit definition would be or .
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    so how would you define a series 125374ADE%/? actually i know where to find the maths. I want to be able to apply this to calculations to be able to take a large continuous function and establish the subset of results. Say i had a set of numbers 11,20,4,7,9,3,15,6 and i wanted to find the numbers which add to 12
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