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Thread: Programming a brain?

  1. #1 Programming a brain? 
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    Ok I have a big question:
    Is it possible to translate the electrical messages sent from the brain of a living things into computer or any other electronic language?

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    Yes. This is how some robotic prosthetics work (link).

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    Yes this kind of technology is improving all the time, they even have several commercial games now you can actually go out and by that are controlled using brain waves and even a mind ball brain wave world championship!

    Mind Games: Four Games You Control With Your Brain | Gadgets, Science & Technology

    Brain Wave Game Championship
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    It's possible to use a brain to control a roboti arm, but you can't program a brain in the same way as a computer. Each neuron represents something different, and there are 20 billion neurons in the part of the brain which would be studied (cortex). Eah neuron's name could be determined by either what sensory inputs it has or what other neurons act as inputs, but that means learning the meaning of every sensory input of neural input to that neuron. You would have to learn the name of all 20 billion neurons to progra a brain, and to program it you would probably have to restructure most or all neurons.
    To control a robotic arm, I think your brain learns what outputs to create to move the arm. It's learned, not programmed.
    "It is the ability to make predictions about the future that is the crux of intelligence."
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    For example, you can predict that 3+5=8. You can predict what sequence of muscle commands you should generate during a conversation, or whether an object is a desk or a chair. The brain is very complicated, but that is essentially how intelligence works. Instinct, emotions, and behavior are somewhat seperate.
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