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    I haven't done much with computer architecture for a while, but here's an idea from a while ago. Each part has busses to and from a central "hub," which is sent two peices of data to control where the data goes. The first piece of op code determines what component the data is from, and the second piece of op code determines where the data is going.
    Not very original, but it is somewhat connectionist. I wonder how other ideas in neuroscience could be used in computer science.

    "It is the ability to make predictions about the future that is the crux of intelligence."
    -Jeff Hawkins.
    For example, you can predict that 3+5=8. You can predict what sequence of muscle commands you should generate during a conversation, or whether an object is a desk or a chair. The brain is very complicated, but that is essentially how intelligence works. Instinct, emotions, and behavior are somewhat seperate.
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