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Thread: Can you copy to Mac, html files placed on USB key from a PC?

  1. #1 Can you copy to Mac, html files placed on USB key from a PC? 
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    Q: If I put various files (html, css, .js, images, etc) on a USB key from a Windows PC, will an somewhat recent Apple Mac computer be able to read and copy these files?


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    i don't see why not - after all, most of the file types you describe are textfiles, and whether they can be read depends on the browser rather than the OS

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    Will be fine but also worth mentioning is to ensure your USB key wasn’t formatted using your Mac. If so, it’s likely your PC won’t be able to read your USB key.
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    As long as you format the USB disc using FAT file system (more likely than not that is what you already have on it), a Mac running OSX will read it. You will not be able to transfer files larger than 4 GB at a time, but that's the FAT problem, not Mac's. There are other ways of transferring files if you need a better system. If it's a once-off, just use a USB FAT formatted drive.
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