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    I'm looking for a good book that explains how computers work to beginners/laymen. all the books i find are either technical textbooks or "how to use windows for dummies". I'm looking for something that's enjoyable to read but will satisfy my curiosity, like what a brief history of time does for physics/cosmology. If there are any suggestions, this seems like the crowd that might be able to help me out.

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    Hi there, there seems many books out there that provide what you are looking for, my suggestion is you go for something very popular like this one:

    How Computers Work, by Ron White, Timothy Edward Downs - Que Pub. (2008)

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    I have Ron White's book and I will say that it is a good book depending on how deep you want to go. If only want to get a very general overview of what different parts of a computer do then that book will suffice.
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