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Thread: Sound morphing/amalgamating software

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    Does anyone know of any software that would morph sounds together into one sound. For example, not simply layering them on top of each other but, put naively, finding the average of the sounds.

    The purpose of this for me is to create a spectrum for a psychological study I am doing. For this I want to measure the response to different valences (positive, negative and neutral) of the human voice. So ideally, I would get a few recordings of people saying a word in a negative tone such as anger, then I would like to create an average of this so I have a sound that is an amalgamation of all the voices. Then I would do the same with a positive tone of voice. Finally, I would use this software (if it exists) to create a spectrum of positive and negative tone (e.g. calm / angry) by balancing the mixture between the two valences. So if the sound was 90% on the angry spectrum it would be fairly angry, if it was 25% it would be mainly calm but not as calm as 0%.

    I know this software exists for visual stimuli, a face morphing tool being the most famous. An example of this in the literature is to measure responses to faces that are of people who have high or low levels of testosterone. They took lots of pictures of people who had high levels and pictures of those with low levels. They then managed to mix and blend these and create a scale.

    Anyway, does an audio equivalent exist? Thanks everyone.

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