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Thread: Has digital technology made it possible to say everything is written

  1. #1 Has digital technology made it possible to say everything is written 
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    Is it science fiction to assume that some time in the far distant future, the unpredictable, computers will be so fast and AI programs so advanced that humanity will be able to check all possible combinations of four billion zeros and ones that are needed to store a video, 2 to the 4th billionth combinations and find out which ones make sense. (Assume that about four billion bits are needed for an hour's movie of good quality, the number doesn't matter)

    Did digital technology, the manipulation, storage and transmission of light and sound with numbers, made the expression: Everything is written and awaits the human being to discover them, sensible. All pictures, video, music, text, drawings are written, everything that has taken place and created and will take place and will be created. Incredibly huge but finite (?) like the universe. (?) Will humanity see Napoleon's battles and the battle of Marathon and will also see how the human being evolved. If computers pick the combinations that make sence, men most probably, will understand what is fiction and what is real from the hints that has.

    Aaaand.....does this also mean that if one adjusted the frames of a video to check to be 10 to the 18nth power per second (I heard that electron movement can be detected with attosecond technology) will discover among the zillions of combinations the ones that show the electrons in their eternal dance of matter in the atom or how they engage in molecules.

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    Everything would be an overstatement, since you are still dealing with a finite number (even if very large) of possibilities.

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