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Thread: Switching from M.E. To Computer Science, Questions

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    Hello All,

    This is my first forum post, this forum seems like a great resource for information.

    I am finishing up my Mechanical Engineering degree at a State university, I am 1 year from graduation. I have a internship at a natural gas distribution company, and I have a job waiting for me, a salary of $63,000 (negotiabe). However, I have lost my passion for ME, and I would like to begin pursuing a career in Computer Science. Initially, I considered a masters in CS, but that is not possible since I'll have to work full time to pay for graduate school, and CS pre-reqs are only given during work hours.

    I was looking at certificate programs offered at UCLA and other schools nearby. I was wondering, if I have an ME degree, along with a a certificate program (ie: ) would I be qualified to work as a software engineer or programmer? or be able to get entry level positions in computer science?

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