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Thread: Which university is better for Master's degree?

  1. #1 Which university is better for Master's degree? 
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    I graduated from the university this year. My major was telecommunications. But I've been learning programming for 2.5 years and I liked it. So, I want to continue education and get Master's Degree in Computer Science. Now I know C/C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript, OOP and some algorithms (Of course, the knowledge is not deep enough), my Math is pretty good. So, in order to improve and strengthen my knowledge I decided to enter a foreign university (college). I decided in favor of the USA universities.

    I took IELTS. My overall score was 6.5. But I'm sure I can make it 7 in September. However, I'm not sure about time. I don't want to waste it and want to study in the spring 2012. I have enough money, I had almost excellent scores from my previous university (But I think it's not an important criterion, because I live in Central Asia). But I don't want to take GRE or GMAT as many universities require, because I need more practice of verbal section, I'll lose my time.

    My questions are:

    1. Will I be in time, taking into account that I haven't applied anywhere yet and haven't done any paper work?

    2. Should I retake my IELTS in September, the 3rd?

    3. Which universities can you recommend? (It would be better, if these universities were not far from NYC, max. distance = 500 miles)
    Of course, they must admit without GRE.

    4. Is it hard to be admitted to these universities? How many applicants per slot?

    Thank you in advance.

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    VCU is good ?

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    If you want to get an score of more then 7 in IELTS, go with the proper study material provided by institutions all over the internet, score band ranges from 1 to 9 in IELTS, and you should think about a score of 7+ so as to receive expert user score in IELTS. Lot of students appearing in exam lack of knowledge that is the main reason behind low scoring bands for candidates.

    computer programming colleges
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