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Thread: Research in IT : about SEO of a website

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    Is this idea acceptable ?

    Scenario : My organisation has a portal website that has low page ranking and low search keyword visible on Google. So, I want to propose a research study to increase the SEO of the website. Then, research article will be produced and published in local journal. Is this idea (research to increase SEO) suitable/acceptable? Can anybody give me idea/opinion of other research ideas based on this scenario?

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    If you want to increase your page rankings, the best thing to do is increase your relevance. You do that by putting in place original, relevant content.

    All those SEO cheats and short-cuts ultimately fail. All they do is create a faux presence. Once someone browses to their page and gets inundated with the ads, pop-ups, and unoriginal content hidden behind a series of links... they move on. Never clicking a single ad.

    Build something worth visiting. And they'll come.

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    It agree with the previous person, create a high-grade site with good filling and an advertizing minimum. From this minimum you receive more than from a site without appointment and a heap of advertizing.<br>
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