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Thread: question about CS at university level

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    I'm half way through my Junior year of High School, and I'm thinking of doing computer science at university.
    But I have a problem...

    I've heard that computer science gets VERY mathy at university level, which makes sense, but math isn't my strongest suite.

    I am currently doing a computer science course with an emphasis on java programming, and it's a breeze, I did a VB course for the past two years as well with no problem, but I'm not sure.
    I was told that CS took lots of maths, and that I'd need the highest math level (further math for anyone know knows the IB system) to do the CS course I'm doing now, and well yeah, I'm doing it with the middle math course (standard for all you IB people out there ^.^) with no problem.
    But I'm scared that at university level the math required will sky rocket... The logic is no problem for me really (at least at this level...).

    So is there any other types of maths that I should really worry about with computer science at university level? I've already done a decent amount of calculus and it's not TOO bad really...

    Thanks for any advice you can send my way,

    The king of bananas :P

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    To get a good idea of what math is required, look over linear algebra. There's certainly more to it than that, but that'll give you a good idea of what level to expect. The exact details of what you'll need depends on what exactly you choose to focus on.

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