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    1. Bob has n friends: a1,a2,...,an,
    Bob has also a list L which is a subgroup of {a1,...,an}x{a1,...,an}
    which specify which of the friends knows each other (i.e. the pair (ai,aj)
    belongs to L if and only if ai knows aj, ai knows aj if aj knows ai).
    Bob organize a party and he wants to invite as many friends he can but
    each friend has to know at least 5 of the people who are invited.
    write an algorithm which returns a list S who is a subgroup of the friends group
    and represents the friends which are invited to the party, so that S is legal
    and it's size is maximal. prove the correctness of the algorithm and
    analyze it's run time.

    2. Given a undirected graph G=<V,E> and given k>=2, we want to find a distribution
    of V in to k groups: V1,V2,...,Vk such that the number of edges between the groups
    is maximal. Write an algorithm which give a proximity of (k-1)/k to the optimal
    solution. Prove the correctness of the proximity and analyze the run time.

    Thanks a lot.

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