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Thread: Recommend me some AI books!

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    I'll be in post secondary education next year and it won't be for computer science.

    However I am interested in the topic of artificial intelligence and was wondering if I could get some recommended readings on the following topics (These are courses from my school for computer science):

    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    Theories and algorithms that capture (or approximate) some of the core elements of computational intelligence. Topics include: search; logical representations and reasoning, classical automated planning, representing and reasoning with uncertainty, learning, decision making (planning) under uncertainty. Assignments provide practical experience, both theory and programming, of the core topics.
    Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

    Representing knowledge symbolically in a form suitable for automated reasoning, and associated reasoning methods: first-order logic, entailment, the resolution method, Horn clauses, procedural representations, production systems, description logics, inheritance networks, defaults and probabilities, tractable reasoning, abductive explanation, the representation of action, planning.
    Introduction to Neural Networks and Machine Learning

    Supervised neural networks: the perceptron learning procedure, the backpropagation learning procedure and its applications. Elaborations of backpropagation: activation and error functions, improving speed and generalization, Bayesian approaches. Associative memories and optimization: Gibbs sampling, mean field search. Representation in neural networks: distributed representations, effects of damage, hierarchical representations. Unsupervised neural networks: competitive learning, Boltzmann machines, sigmoid belief nets.
    Machine Learning and Data Mining

    An introduction to methods for automated learning of relationships on the basis of empirical data. Classification and regression using nearest neighbour methods, decision trees, linear models, and neural networks. Clustering algorithms. Problems of overfitting and of assessing accuracy. Problems with handling large databases.
    Probabilistic Learning and Reasoning

    An introduction to probability as a means of representing and reasoning with uncertain knowledge. Qualitative and quantitative specification of probability distributions using probabilistic graphical models. Algorithms for inference and probabilistic reasoning with graphical models. Statistical approaches and algorithms for learning probability models from empirical data. Applications of these models in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
    Thanks in advance! And if you don't happen to know any books on these particular topics, it would be just as nice if you gave me a place to go to find these books.

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