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Thread: Help me decide what class I should take?

  1. #1 Help me decide what class I should take? 
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    I'm a senior in CS major. I have one class left to fill my senior electives requirement. Unfortunately, the class I was looking forward to taking is not open, so I have to pick one class between Embedded Application, Data Mining, and Web Engineering. Do you think which class is the most useful in the technology field and can give some advantage in getting a job after graduation?

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    Without any hesitation, Data Mining.
    For 3 reasons:
    1/ It's very interesting, cutting edge algorithms and technology, very active in term of research.
    2/ It's open to the outside world. Data mining helps you to develop a set of skills which will later on be used directly by the industry, very practically. Web engineering or embedded application is more IT for IT.
    3/ Data mining is the future.

    In the next 10 years, the volume of information in the digital universe will grow by a factor of 44 and the number of files to manage by a factor of 67. But the staff of IT will only grow by a factor of 1.4. So management and non-IT staff will be under stress to EXTRACT the right knowledge from a large volume. It's amazingly challenging, a lot need to be done, especially in the domain of unstructured data (non-databased): extracting information of unstructured data, filtering it, refining it etc...
    Employees and managers in the coming years will be literally bombarded by streaming data, streaming emails, real time financial, production, technical data. And they will need to take quick decision. Data mining will be there to help them, through proper key performance indicators, intelligent classifiers etc... This is the future.

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    Data Mining
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