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Thread: Computer Science Bsc, looking for another Msc.

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    Hello guys,

    I'm a 2nd year student in computer science Bsc and I'm looking forward to getting this degree. What I created this topic for and maybe another topic exist for the similar reason is that I wanted to ask you guys if I'm able to change my department for the Masters? I'm looking forward to deal with big projects, innovation and money. So I'll probably shoot for any business related Masters. I can't stay home and code all night longs, it's just not my thing. What's the reason I'm creating this topic, is to get a clear answer if I may and what are my advantages and disadvantages of my action?

    Thank you, legenddski .

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    The obvious answer is yes. You can go for a Masters in Business Administration, or you can go for law and focus on intellectual property, or you can do both.

    Speak to your career counsellor about this. Many people get a basic degree but never use it, moving on instead to something else.

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