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    i'm looking for a program(preferably free) that i can download or use online to build molecules in a three dimensional environment.

    for my purposes i require that the user interface allows me to drop an atom in wherever i like with already set properties(i should be able to manipulate if i want to drop in an H or an H+ ion, for instance), it must allow me to use all elements neccesary for life, and preferably the full periodic table. it must be able to simulate when a bond would be formed and the release of energy from that bond(most importantly the metabolic process and the decomposition of ATP). a program that can only handle a few large molecules at a time would be acceptable but i'd rather the program be more open ended with the space i use(so long as the computer can handle the data inputs and outputs).

    if you haven't caught on by now i'm trying to model a living organism in my molecular modeling program. i have on in which you can build as large of a molecule that you like but besides a "fix geometry" feature that changes your molecule to the shape it would have in the real world, the molecules are static, they don't move, they don't react, they don't help me except to view areas of electronegativity.

    i'll be incredibly greatful to anyone who knows of any such programs.

    thanks in advance,

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