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Thread: Best book to learn java

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    Hello everybody,

    I am absolute beginner to java, have no knowledge about it. Though I have cleared many basic concepts of C and C++ which everybody told me to. Now, I would like to learn java from the very beginning to a very advanced level.

    Pleas tell me which book can I refer, or a series of book that I can look upon to learn java evvectively. I live in India, so if you know of some book by Indian authour or which is widely available in India, your answer would be much appriciated.

    As I told you above, I have no previous knowledge about java, but still I would like to learn it from beginning to advanced. I would like to learn from the very beginning like choosing the compiler for java and writing your first java program to GUI (Graphical User Interfrace).

    Sorry if it's pretty long and if I sound crazy but I would appritiate your help.

    Thanks for your help in advanced.


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    Oracle, ne Sun, has/had a good online tutorial:
    And wikibooks is pretty good too:

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    The Java Programming Language by Ken Arnold, James Gosling, David Holmes. I have a copy of the 3rd edition, the 4th is available for a long time.

    The authors of the book are creators of Java. The book itself covers Java's syntax and some programming techniques. No AWT and Swing for example. (See online tutorial for 'em. It's very good.)

    You've said you know the basics of C/C++. I don't know what you mean under "basics", but (re)check such thing in C++ like generic programming (templates), inheritance. The book mentioned above assumes that you know much about programming. Also get ready to learn about multithreading when you'll need it.

    About an IDE to choose I'd recommend IntelliJ IDEA.
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