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Thread: Specter – Abstract Arithmetics Library (AAL)

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    Hello everybody.
    I have some fascinating news!

    I have invented another approach of facing and solving the problem of infinity in mathematics and big numbers theory on computers and the philosophy behind this approach in order to overcome the limits and find a solution. It is an applied problem and I have found applied solutions. My research is very important for fast number crunching and is extremely useful for prime number factorization among other applications.

    I have proved that on a specific hardware the limits are only a variable of the software that uses it. In other worlds, I have proved that each and every
    piece of hardware is capable of managing information which is millions, billions or trillions of times in magnitude in relation to the data that this system
    was built for in case the software is capable of guiding the hardware in a more efficient way.

    My research was more specifically based on old 8-bit C.P.U architectures and the proof of concept is the Specter – Abstract Arithmetics Library (AAL).
    Specter is capable of doing “String Mathematics”. This way any n-bit architecture C.P.U can handle virtually any m-bit information which is millions of
    times bigger or more.

    String Mathematics is the field of science which I hope to found and is all about computations among characters, meaning strings or streams if you like!
    With this philosophy any CPU can compute any number at any scale and can compute very complex problems in seconds. The drawback of course is the
    needed RAM but we are still in the beginning after all!

    The big picture behind this project is to dynamically create a virtual software environment for any computational need on any n-bit architecture without the virtualization!
    Can you imagine the possibilities on a simple micro-controller while others still try to do the same thing in a massive multi parallel system or on a photonic computer?

    I have already developed a library which is written in C and is on an alpha stage. Currently my lib, called: "Specter – Abstract Arithmetics Library (AAL)" can
    add two "infinite" length numbers in less than 10 msec on any old 8-bit CPU!

    Please see the link and test:


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