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Thread: Looking for some motion tracking software

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    Hello, I am rather desperately looking for a piece of software to use in my research.

    I have some overhead video(avi format) of mice swimming in a pool looking for a platform. Because it is overhead the tracking is essentially 2-D and the contrast on the videos is good (white colored water and black mice). I am looking for some software that will 'track' the mice and generate some information about either:
    a) There position w/r to some arbatrary coor. system
    b) There x and y velocity vectors over the time course of the video

    I don't have a ton of money so freeware or demoware would be best. I could probably spend a few hundred dollars but nothing more. If anyone has any ideas or programs in mind it would be most appreciated.

    I have over 10 GB's of video so doing it by hand would take a very long time even if I reduced the amount of frames in the video substantially

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    a good piece of motion tracking software can be found here:

    the great point about it is that it will be able to track 2d for your research, but also 3d if you'd need it in the future.

    Yens Proost

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