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Thread: Hack Into An IM Via Online Software

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    DefCon's given us some awesome stories this time around. Barnaby Jack - and you can love him from the name alone - demonstrated exactly how to break into three different cash machines.

    With one, he opened the safe with a key bought on the internet. He rewired the motherboard, got it to spit out money and play a tune.
    With another, he accessed it using an internet phone link and reprogrammed it, so he could withdraw with a fake debit card.

    See it on video here.

    The software for all of this only cost $100.

    This says a lot about the future of security. Is anything really safe anymore? There aren't many things that the Western world values more than money, yet it's that easy to steal. Wikileaks has already shown the possibilities of stealing top secret data. It looks like the age of privacy is coming to an end.

    Not to get all apocalypse-face on you - it's true that most of us are generally, generally safe. Just be on your guard, yeah?

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    There are lot of program available on internet about hacking IM. There are also some free techniques available and can be tried by any one. But it very much risky.

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    I doubt this is what the computer science forum is for. Use the Defcon forums for this stuff.
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