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Thread: Digital Signage and motion detection technology?

  1. #1 Digital Signage and motion detection technology? 
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    What is this technology?
    Motion detect is the action of sensing physical movement in a given area. Motion can be detected by measuring change in speed or vector of an object or objects in the field of view. This can be achieved either by mechanical devices that physically interact with the field or by electronic devices that quantifies and measures changes in the given environment.
    The application of Motion Detect including:
    Home/Office/Factory Security System
    Intelligent Illumination System
    Alarm System
    Air Condition System
    Digital Signage System
    How does this technology work?
    When a moving object is detected by PIR (Passive Infra Red sensors), the Digital Signage System will either turn on the LCD back light or boot up the system. At this moment, a clock starts to count down. If no moving object is detected in a pre-defined period of time, the Digital Signage System will either turn off the LCD back light or shut down until a moving object is detected again. Any idea about this please share with me.


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    For a start, go get one of those automatic porch light thingies. You can use it to turn on pretty much any-120vAC-thing when a warm body moves in the sensor field. Then if you don't like the timeouts or sensitivity, search for PIR sensors. I forget exactly but, I think, Sparkfun Electronics has some stand-alone low voltage ones.

    The PIR is exactly that, Passive Infra-red, around 10 microns IIRC, which is about the wavelength of heat from warm blooded animals. They are set up such that a heat source _moving_ across the field triggers them. If you wear a heavy parka and don't move, they don't "see" you.

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