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Thread: automated exam correcting in programming?

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    Is there programming tools for university and school teachers to help them fully automate the process of correcting programming code from students for exams, for example a basic Java program. My own thoughts are that I imagine it would be challenging dealing with the scale of probable answers especially as the size of the program increases. But I imagine at an implementation level it should be possible to input values into the program, record and mark any errors, analyse code, making comparisons with a database of possibilities. There is a lot to it for sure. Is it used? is it feasible?

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    You might start with all the various and wondrous types of automated testing, profiling, and code analysis tools used in industry. Other than function and efficiency, I don't know what the grading criteria might be. If it was me, based on my experience with grad-student code, I would include proper formatting and commenting...

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