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Thread: write a license management server.

  1. #1 write a license management server. 
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    This server grants license files for a
    period of time to be used by applications, thus preventing application copying. Only application/program, instances/copies that have license files can run. Of course the license file should be authentic, non transferable, and specific to one server/machine. You may opt for an on-line or off-line license control/verification. Use SSL for online verification. Only best practices encryption are accepted.
    I have to deliver the source code for license server and sample application, as well as trace files demonstrating
    working license control features.

    Please help me!!!

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    Sounds like a good RDMS app... The problem is finding a unique machine identifier.
    You will probably need to encrypt the local license file to prevent folks from hacking it, otherwise (since I hate and therefore know nothing about security) it should be pretty straight forward.

    I just went and poked around (using "System Information for Windows" from: -- no endorsement implied or intended) and found that my PC has what appears to be both machine and motherboard serial numbers. I thought that this was not politically correct, but you might be able to get and use them for your licensing.

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